Supporting Businesses

These are our friends' & family's business.

Jax Therapies - Ann-Marie Crank

Howard Davison - Spiritualist Medium

Peaceful Flight Holistics - Yvonne Frankum

UK Souvenirs and Gifts - Craig Hudson.

Enigma Cakes - Marg Kinnaird

Elaine Thorpe - Trance Medium & Ethereal Artist

Frank Roberts' Concrete Creations

Animal Communication - Sandra Fellnasen

Angelina Paralikis Psychic Medium:

Nutrition and Wellness by Craig Gowans on Facebook search:


Reiki & Readings with Helen Kay:

Chrysilla Lewies Quantum Healing, Hypnosis and Spiritual Medium:

Stig Berthelsen - Quantum Healing, Hypnosis, Beyond Quantum Healing etc:

Lisa Pollitt @olettesatherapies:

Anna Trew Jensen Spirit Artist:

Col Pierce’s Acti Lab:

Joanne Whichelow - Witch & Intuitive Medium:

Christina Fargher Medium:

Margaret Ellen Woodward - Free readings with Spirits and Angels from Mystic Mags:

Brenda Margaret Ganwani - Miracle Method, Lenormand Card Reading, Akashic records: 

Psychic Mediumship / Readings & Healing Crystals by Louise Marie Thomas:

High Vibrational Mastery by C Meagan Michael

Sarah Jane Wilkinson Spirit Medium & Healer

The Crystal Enchantress by Krystina L Valentine

Spiritually Connected by Becky Marshall Psychic Energy Healer:

Kallima Spiritual Centre by Sandra Williams:

Charla Acker Psychic Medium

Thomas Wehrle - Evidential and Trance Medium, Healer:

Crystal Doves Inspires:

Crystal Doves

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