Emma L Mather Spirit Artist & Medium

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Emma L Mather Spirit Artist & Medium

Emma L Mather is a natural born medium, an intuitive empath and able to see auras around people, animals, objects etc. Emma can see, hear, sense and feel spirit (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience). She is able to see and hear spirit both through the mind, mind's eye and externally, including being able to pick up on the emotions/conditions of those before passing to spirit and of those on the Earth plane. Emma runs a weekly spiritual development class alongside with her mum (Yvonne Parry) at a place named as Crystal Doves. Together they also run events and a trance circle there.

"I have been able to sense/see spirit from being a little girl about the age of 5. I started doing the spirit art to public in 2012, along with the spirit readings and jewellery craft in 2014. I have done various paintings from time to time in 2008 including spiritual paintings from 2012."

"When I do spirit art, I often see an invisible guideline on the blank space, this helps me to draw over these guided lines of who wants to be drawn from the etheric (spirit). Another way of working with the spirit art is that I am able to see spirit through my mind's eye (third eye) crystal clear to be able to draw them, along with assistance from my spirit guides which helps me to draw the etheric with accuracy. I am also able to have contact with spirit through astral travel, they show themselves very clear to me this way so that when I come back, I would be able to draw them based off memory in my subconcious, along with assistance from my guide. So these are the different ways I can work with spirit, including receiving their names, conditions, passing or any other relevant information/evidence."

Check out my Facebook page to see my spiritual art work.


I have also been making jewellery since 2014 to recent, have a look at our shop to see my designs available to purchase.

My Services:

Please note for those who order a spirit drawing or painting will go on my waiting list, you will then be given a number from my waiting list. To see what number I am up to with the Spirit Art on my list, please visit my Facebook page and view the lastest Spirit Art Album of the latest post: www.facebook.com/EmmaLMatherSpiritArtistMedium

Drawing of Spirit Guide/Animal Guide

Information about the Spirit Person/Animal Guide: £30

Information about the Spirit Person/Animal Guide including a Full Reading: £40

If you have already ordered a spirit drawing and would like to add another drawing to your order, it will just be an additional fee of £10.


Spiritual Painting of a Spirit Guide/Animal Guide:

Small Canvas:  £60/Medium Canvas: £100/Large Canvas: £180.

Postage cost varies depending location of delivery.

Spirit Art On Mug:

You can purchase a mug for £30 with your spirit drawing/painting on and you can choose your colour preference for the handle and inside the mug. Please note only one colour you can choose for the handle and inside, the colours available are yellow, red, orange, blue, pink, black and green.

Postage cost for all above are not included as the postage cost varies depending on the location of delivery to.



Group Readings:  £20 per person.

In-person:  £30 - Duration Approx 1 hr.

Facebook Video Chat or Skype:  £30 - Duration Approx 1 hr.

Dream Interpretation

Would you like to understand the meaning of your dreams, why they're reccuring or what your dreams are trying to reveal to you?

Then you can book a dream reading for just £10.

To book either of these options listed, please make enquiry via my e-mail: emma@crystaldoves.co.uk

Online Spirit Art Classes

One Sesson: £20

5 Sessions: £80
10 Sessions: £160

Can be done via Facebook Video Chat or Skype and each sessions are approx one hour.

To book the sessions via through our online shop click this link: (Currently not taking bookings until next year 2020)

For further information please contact Emma via e-mail: emma@crystaldoves.co.uk

Crystal Doves Inspires:

Crystal Doves

Founders & Admins: Emma L Mather & Yvonne Parry.

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