Yvonne Parry Spirit Medium

Yvonne Parry Spirit Medium

Yvonne Parry has been doing mediumship for many years, a natural born medium being able to see, hear, feel and sense spirit (Clairvoyant, Clairaudience and Clairsentience) both through the mind and mind's eye. She is also intuitively guided by spirit in which course of direction to take as she is very in-tune with the cosmetic energies/universal energies. Yvonne also runs her own mediumship/psychic development classes since 2014 and now runs these classes at the Crystal Doves with her daughter Emma L Mather.

Yvonne does one-to-one readings and group readings with her daughter Emma L Mather. Yvonne works through channeling spirit to pass on information from loved ones, pets, including working with her higher-self and her spirit guides. Including being able to bring insight on the future through choices and decisions, including present situations.

Yvonne is able to teach the mechanics behind the mediumship to help those to understand how they're working with spirit and also helping them to learn more about themselves through the process.

I also have a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/YvonneParrySpiritMediumTutor

My Services:

Online One-to-one Classes on Mediumship

One Session: £25

5 Sessions: £90
10 Sessions: £180

Can be done via Facebook Messenger Video or Skype and each sessions are approx 1 hour.

One-to-one Classes on Mediumship In Person

One Session: £25

5 Sessions: £100
10 Sessions: £200

Learn to connect with spirit by understanding the mechanics behind the mediumship. Each sessions are approx 1 hour.

To book the sessions via through our online shop click this link: www.crystaldoves.co.uk/shop.html#!/products/one-to-one-tuition-on-mediumship-with-yvonne-parry


Group Readings: £20 per person

In-Person: £40 - Duration Approx 1 hr.

Facebook Messenger Video, Phone or Skype: £40 - Duration Approx 1 hr.

For further information, contact Yvonne Parry via her e-mail: yvonne@crystaldoves.co.uk

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